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    "If, as most polls and observers predict, Iveson wins the mayor’s chair, he will need a fiscally tight-fisted council to keep his dreams and schemes in check. Candidates such as Sharon Maclise in Ward 1, Michael Oshry in Ward 5 and Dexx Williams in Ward 6 would help keep a Mayor Iveson from soaring too close to the sun."
    Lorne Gunter, Edmonton Sun - Oct 17, 2013

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October 21, 2013

The most important day for Edmontonians for the next four years!

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  • Courage is the state or quality of mind or spirit that enables one to face danger, fear, or vicissitudes, with self-possession, confidence, and resolution.
  • Convictions are simply strongly held, principled beliefs. Leaders hold strong convictions. Those who do not are not leaders but followers
  • Courage and conviction both need to be tempered by COMPASSION


I started my campaign in Lewis Estate almost two months ago and so I decided to end it there. Yesterday was a beautiful day in Potter Greens; the weather was balmy and people were outside cleaning up their gardens and throwing the ball around for the dog in their back yards. A most pleasant place to spend the day campaigning to represent the very people who make up the tenor and texture of Ward 1. Regardless the outcome, I appreciate them all.

From the people who are used to power and wealth in Valleyview, Crestwood and Parkview to the working poor of Canora, and the middle class families of Brittania, Belmead, Meadowlark and Aldergrove, and out in neglected Westview Village and Big Lake Estates, Ward 1 has a personality all its own, like none other in Edmonton.

The day of reckoning is here. As Terry Sargent in Belmead said, when I met him door knocking the other day, “You, Sharon, are “the candidate of substance” in Ward 1 and Ward 1 voters will see that if they care to look and listen.” We can only hope that they have done that. Whereever their choice lands them, I wish them good luck and good fortune.

Thank you for the time I have been allowed to spend with you, Ward 1.

Sharon Maclise on "THE ISSUES" CTV News Edmonton

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Debra Garland October 19, 2013 at 6:20pm on www.daveberta.ca

WARD 1: SHARON MACLISE… If we want a truly, fiscally responsible councillor… Man!!! is that needed on council??!! ….. ….knowledgeable in terms of city issues and business,…. Sharon Maclise is the candidate to vote for. In Ward 1, some other candidates may have some limited business/community or government experience. No one else has the volume of experience, breadth of knowledge, commitment to issues and huuuge ability and skill to follow through on commitments that Sharon Maclise exhibits.

Lorne Gunter states as much in his article on Oct 18th, 2013: “If, as most polls and observers predict, Iveson wins the mayor’s chair, he will need a fiscally tight-fisted council to keep his dreams and schemes in check. Candidates such as Sharon Maclise in Ward 1, Michael Oshry in Ward 5 and Dexx Williams in Ward 6 would help keep a Mayor Iveson from soaring too close to the sun.” Article: http://www.edmontonsun.com/2013/10/18/lacklustre-mayoralty-campaigns-could-result-in-close-vote


Elect Sharon Maclise Ward 1 Edmonton

Thank you, Ward 1 Edmonton

To all of those of you who have eagerly opened your doors to greet me during my long hours “on the streets” of Ward 1 Edmonton, many thanks. Whether you decide to vote for me or not, you should know that this simple act of invitation is the core value of a successful democracy ~ caring enough to encourage those who willingly offer their time and energy - and expense - to want to represent you in government. Every candidate out there is grateful. Thank You!

To all of those who have said “yes” when I have asked to place a sign on your lawn – what an encouraging vote of confidence in the democratic process this is. A sign is like cash. The rich billboard companies ask BIG money for their BIG billboards. I have no money in the bank for that, as others might. So trust me, a sign on your lawn is a priceless “donation”.

And especially to those who have taken the time and interest to pick up the phone to say, “Bring that sign over and stick it in my lawn, Sharon – in fact, bring two. This is the sound of CONVICTION and it makes it all worthwhile, win or lose.

To all of you, a sincere thank you. You are Edmonton’s finest!

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